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So I went to see Mrtin afreeman’s Richard III, and Atlinmerrick was there and she challenged me to write Khan/Richard III crossover fic, and I started to say no, but my brain said yes, and this happened…

Well Met (an extract)

“I don’t want to fight you.”

“Alas for all your wants, as I cry alas for mine.” Richard approached him by a step.

“Would it help if I apologised?”

“I have heard counterfeit apologies by the cartload, tendered by those who should love me better by ties of blood. What can you bend to my ear that will make a more pleasing sound than scorn? You cannot hide it from me. Scorn is the music played me from my birth and for all my nine and twenty years, and I will cut the harpstrings of your throat if you offer it me.”

Khan blinked again and slowly stepped towards the angry man. He lowered his head as he approached, humbly, and held his hands, palm up, and when the point of Richard’s dagger was pressed against his black-clad breast, he said:

“I apologise for the insult I offered you, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. It was churlish of me, as you say. And unkind. And not a word of it based on evidence. I am ashamed to have leapt to such false conclusions.” He raised his head and the pale blue eyes met the Duke’s implacable blue gaze. “You are singular,” he said, “Intelligent, and full of courage and rage. These three things I understand well. I spoke too hastily.”

Khan smiled into the blue eyes that scowled into his, and realised something else.

“You said I was beautiful.”

“Aye,” Richard admitted grudgingly, “Though I read that spirits often are.”

“I’m not a spirit,” said Khan, “Though it’s true I’m not quite human.”

“You seem man enough to my senses,” said Richard.

“Your senses. Yes.” Khan reached to take Richard’s hand that still held the dagger and pushed it gently away. “You undress me with your eyes.”

Richard gave his first indication of panic. He swallowed. The corner of his mouth twitched. His eyes crinkled uncertainly at the edges. But he could not look away from the tall, beautiful man that looked down at him.

“You have,” said Khan, “Very beautiful eyes.”

Richard stared; swallowed; quivered. “You mock me still.”

“No,” said Khan softly to the first sound of fear he had heard in that voice, “I do not. Your eyes are the most astonishing blue flecked in gold. They are a window to the mind behind them. If I had paid attention to them from the start, I would never have mistaken you for one of these uncouth peasants who have plagued me this past week. You are a man of learning, and depth, your eyes tell me. And they are quite, quite beautiful.”

Richard’s mouth twisted in a painful half smile. “Alas, nature did not concede to paint the rest of me with so pleasing a palette.”

“Then that is nature’s fault and not yours,” said Khan, “The parts she finished building she did exceedingly well.”

Richard… blinked.




john messing with sherlock when he’s in his mind palace like


john would definitely put the most random things in sherlock’s hands. like a single egg. and sherlock would come out of it and either break it immediately and stare at his messy hand for 5 seconds or look at it like “…why this. when this.”

Or make a tower of paper and plastic cups and other stuff on his head.

Geeking out at Richard III

I’m on holiday in London right now.

I went to see Richard III last night.

Atlinmerrick was there too, which was awesome. We fangirled a lot together.

Five rows ahead of me were seated Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott. It was kind of distracting at the start, but the production is terrific and Martin Freeman is both terrifying and rivetting, so that didn’t turn out to be a problem.

After the show, I was about two people ahead of BC and AS. I got to listen to them talking a little as we left the theatre. Not much of it was clear but there was that gorgeous honeyed bass rumble all the way, so I have no complaints.

Amanda Abbington was waiting in the foyer.

I have breathed the same - THE VERY SAME - air as five bright, talented, wonderfully creative people. (I’m including Atlin in the count - though I understand Loo Brealey was there, so technically that number is six at a minimum. I should include the rest of the cast too. Great show.)

So that happened.

Review of the show will be done in due course…



i am like 98% sure that whenever sherlock hears john getting out of the shower he’s just like



Laughing so hard because the mental picture so exactly fits this!

Richard III stage blood splash zone

»Patrons seated in rows A, B, C and D of the auditorium seating and row AA of the stage seating please be prepared for the strong possibility of being splashed with stage blood and dress accordingly.«

Info about the Trafalgar performance of Richard III - I’m going along on 29 Aug. I don’t know if I’m pleased or disappointed that I’m not in the Stage Blood Splash Zone…

Man Lab is my new favourite thing. I will be referencing it in Sherlock fics, you betcha.




Mise en PlaceWritten By: azrionaRead by: consulting_smartass podfic

a commission for consultingsmartarse and her friend’s fic x

have you seen this?

This is beautiful!  Oh my goodness!  Johix, it’s lovely!

Such an entertaining and well written fic too!




Mise en Place
Written By: azriona
Read by: consulting_smartass

a commission for consultingsmartarse and her friend’s fic x

have you seen this?

This is beautiful!  Oh my goodness!  Johix, it’s lovely!

Such an entertaining and well written fic too!



i’m just sat here stunned like… this is real. this is really real. i’m going to see richard iii and meet amazing friends


i just saw this post and was like wow i’m so happy for them and then realised it was me haha this is me HAHA this is ME i can’t believe ANYTHING

When will you be there? I’m flying to London on 21st and will be at RIII on 29th August. :)




The crouching cover is in this year…

I fully expect to see Bilbo on the cover of DoS in this pose.


oh my god

Well, Bilbo is not quite in the Hero Three Point Landing Pose. But he is in Hero Two Point Solemn and Determined Pose.